Do’s & Don’ts of Vaping

When it comes to smoking, it’s safe to say too many people have fallen under the spell of Big Tobacco. I, myself, have been bewitched by the allure of cool cowboys with a lit cigarette in their lips, so to speak.As such, it’s time we do something about it. It’s honestly kind of astounding that tobacco products continue to be sold, and it speaks to the inverse relationship between wealth and morality, but I digress. The good news here is that there are several ways to quit smoking, because someone somewhere cares, or they at least know that there’s money to be made by helping others instead of hurting them. Ways to quit smoking are many. For one, there’s nicotine gum. Nicotine gum is exactly what it sounds like, chewing gum that contains nicotine. However, it’s more than meets the eye, because the act of chewing standard bubble gum is often cited as satisfying the psychological addiction to the physical act of smoking. Add to that decreasing amounts of nicotine, and you’ve got a winner. Then, there are nicotine patches. These are interesting, because they offer, of course, a non smoking way to get the nicotine your body has been reprogrammed to need, but it also acts as a way to get your nicotine fix without worrying about where you are or what you’re doing, because you’re just gradually absorbing the nicotine through your skin from a patch on your arm throughout the day, so getting your fix is far less invasive this way.

However, there is one way to quit smoking that is fairly recent, and it’s worth a little more than a mention. I’m talking, of course, about vaping. Vaping is much like smoking, but as the name suggests, you’re inhaling vapors instead of smoke. This alone has a tremendous benefit to it, and that’s the simply fact that inhaling smoke is terrible for us, regardless of the source. Inhaling vapors, on the other hand, is typically completely harmless, and we do it every time we take a hot bath or shower. On top of this, the nicotine content is often reduced or non existent when compared to cigarettes and other tobacco products. It’s also worth noting that these things can often be “smoked” in many places cigarettes wouldn’t be aloud, because the vapors are far less intrusive than smoke. Bet of all, vaping is even more of an alluring spectacle than smoking, do you can get a domain name from Namecheap and start a website for you to post cool videos of you doing sick vape tricks. (Look it up; it’s a thing.)

Not only adults are starting to vape anymore. More and more teens are also starting using electric cigarettes instead of the normal cigarettes that most teens are smoking. The one question that many parents have is if you should worry when your teenager is starting to use the vaping e-cigarettes. These are a couple of things that you should understand about e-cigarettes, before you can answer this question:

There are some non-nicotine flavors

Something that you as a parent should need to know is that there are some of the ecig flavors that don’t have any nicotine in. This is basically just inhaling different flavors e-juices and this isn’t as harmful as normal cigarettes that have nicotine as an ingredient.

And, they might not inhale the burned nicotine that is dangerous, but if they are purchasing the cheapest flavors that they can get hold of, they might inhale some dangerous chemicals that can also have some health problems.

Teens can want to experiment with stronger drugs

The one thing that parents are worrying about, is that the teens might realize that the vape isn’t enough for them, and they are starting to experiment with stronger drugs. There are some reports of teens that created their own e-juice by using dangerous drugs that are illegal. This can cause serious health problems or even death.

You might think that inhaling the e-cigarette is safer than the normal cigarette, however the facts are that there is a change that your teen might consider experimenting with other, stronger drugs that can kill.

It is still illegal for teens to smoke e-cigarettes in many countries

There are some countries that made it illegal for children under a certain age to purchase cigarettes in store. And, in most of those countries it is also illegal to purchase any ecig and e-juices if you are under a certain age.

It is important that you are making sure that if you are giving your child permission to vape, that you are going to purchase the e-juice for them. This is so that they don’t purchase the juice at a place that is allowing the purchase or illegal substances by teens. Or, that they are purchasing cheap juices that can be really harmful to them.

Monitoring them when the use the ecig

There are some parents out there that are giving their children permission to vape. However, the one thing that you should consider, is that you should make sure that you are monitoring them and making sure that you know what flavors they do use when they are using their e-cigarette to ensure that it doesn’t end in inhaling drugs and other harmful chemicals.

With the e-cigarette, there are a couple of things that you should consider when you realize that your child is using the e-cigarette without your consent. Some parents prefer the electric vaporing that isn’t as dangerous over the normal cigarettes. However, it can be just as dangerous to smoke an ecig as to smoke normal cigarettes.

Filling Your Vape Pen

  1. Remove clearomizer on the battery.
  2. You need to unscrew on the tip or the (top-fill)
  3. Unscrew atomizer or (base fill)
  4. You have to squeeze your e-fluid down to the side avoiding the air flow channel
  5. Replace the atomizer
  6. Allow 2 or more minutes for your fluid to wick prior of utilizing.


It’s much the same as charging your telephone. You’ll know it’s a great opportunity to charge if LED light of your NJOY Vape Pens flashes 10 in times. This is what you will do:

  1. Unscrew battery from tank.
  2. Connect the battery onto the charger.
  3. Try to be tolerant… the pointer light on your battery will stay on until the point that the battery is charged and prepared to use it!


We propose utilizing distinctive tanks for various e-fluid flavors and disposing of any tank after around 2 weeks relying upon your use. This is the most ideal approach to guarantee culminate flavor and vapor without fail. More explained in this post:

If vapor volume will diminishes, it may be an ideal opportunity to change your tank. Furthermore, do whatever it takes not to use your tank over 2 weeks. On the off chance that the tank runs dry then it could wear out.

Never utilize a NJOY vape pen without its tank. The best vape pens aren’t waterproof so keep them dry!

Filling Your Mod Tank

  1. Remove the tank from your gadget.
  2. Unscrew the base get together.
  3. Squeeze the e-fluid into the tank staying away from the air flow channel.
  4. Replace the base get together.
  5. Allow 2-5 minutes for the fluid to wick before using.

Utilizing Your Vape Pen

  1. Attach the clearomizer to your battery.
  2. Click the gem catch 5 times to turn it on.
  3. Hold down the gem catch and vape away!
  4. When not being used, it is best that you kill your battery by squeezing the gem catch 5 times.


Vaping with NJOY is a considerable measure less demanding than you may might suspect! We composed a framework that is so straightforward and helpful yet sufficiently capable that this will fulfill each grown-up from your vape-inquisitive to its vaping epicurean. All you require is: 1 top-fill tank, 1 Vape Pen, 1 USB charger, then 1 divider charger. Obviously, you’ll also require NJOY e-fluid.


Unscrew the tank from the battery and the mouthpiece from the tank; a few turns is sufficient. Ensure that the battery is completely separated from the tank.


You’re prepared to fill the tank! On the off chance that you’ve at any point presented yourself with a drink you definitely know how to pour NJOY e-fluid. Deliberately point the tip of the e-fluid jug toward the mass of the tank. As you pour make certain no fluid gets into the middle tube.


Once your flavor tank is full, delicately screw the mouthpiece once more into the tank and the tank back onto the battery. Make certain it’s tightened up!


That is it! Your NJOY vape pen is ready to go! To put your vape pen on standby, rapidly press the catch five times. The light will streak three times to demonstrate the pen has exchanged states. Your Vape pen is presently dormant.

Here are a few tips on the most proficient method to stay smoke-free for the rest of your life:

Endure the Cravings

Regardless of the fact that you are strong willed and you are determined to stay smoke-free, there are times when things get on top of you and you crave reaching for that carton of cigarettes once more. Despite the fact that it may really want that stick in your mouth again, remember that cravings only last a few minutes. Tell yourself that you won’t be feeling like this for long, and once that moment passes, you will be somewhat stronger in your mind and your compulsion will be weaker. Try not to trick yourself into believing that you can smoke only ‘just the one’.

Exercise and Eat Well

Exercise continually and try to incorporate solid nourishment in your diet. This will accelerate your recuperation and give a solid and productive diversion. The advance you make in your wellbeing, therefore, will help you stay away from picking up a cigarette and smoking.

Remain Vigilant

Nicotine changes your body in numerous ways. By smoking using your vape pen, you have educated your mind to trust it needs cigarettes a similar way it needs sustenance or water. These progressions don’t leave and that is the reason it’s conceivable to wind up cigarette smoking months or years after stopping. You have to keep your watch up and be prepared to stop yourself on the off chance that you see that you’re excusing a cigarette. Keep in mind forget that even one cigarette from your best vape pen is enough.

Keep in mind Your Reasons for Quitting

Maybe when you initially chose to stop, you made the distinctive choice that led you to stop. Indeed, even now, it can be helpful to help yourself to remember every one of your reasons behind stopping and of the considerable number of advantages that being a non-smoker is provides you, particularly when you’re going through a time of sheer craving.

Try not to Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Try not to be scared of swinging to your friends and family for help when you want a cigarette. Requesting help doesn’t make you weak. Simply conversing with somebody about what you’re experiencing can enable you to comprehend and, thus, separate yourself from the craving and sit back until the point that it passes.

Maintain a strategic distance from Alcohol

Liquor brings down your restraints and is an extremely basic trigger for some smokers. That is the reason, particularly in the initial long stretches of your recuperation, you ought to stay away from alcohol completely. In the long run, you will have the capacity to appreciate a beer or two without wanting to smoke, yet this might take some time.

Reward Yourself

Stopping smoking is a major test and you ought to be pleased with what you’ve fulfilled. Praise your stopping points of reference, no matter how small or insignificant they may have seemed to you at the time. Use a portion of the cash you’ve saved by not smoking to treat yourself to something pleasant.

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing a top-of-the-line, genuine convenient vaporizer or a more affordable vape pen, this is what you have to do to get the best vapor creation from your vaporizer:


Pounding herbs enables warmth to exchange between them all the more productively and successfully. This gives all the more notwithstanding heat of your herbs and tobacco and can help with delivering more concentrated vapor.

You may have numerous sharp devices and apparatuses laying around your kitchen that can help with crushing your herbs, yet finding a pleasant herb processor is presumably the most ideal approach.


This one sounds a bit of confusing at first, but hold on a moment. Above all else, the vapor originates from the dry herbs. In this way, the more you pack, the more vapor your e-cig will yield. In any case, unique vaporizers have diverse outlines—some of which require that you not over-pack the chamber. In the event that you have a compact vape mod where the air flow through the gadget could possibly be hindered by finished pressing the chamber, at that point you need to be aware of the fragile harmony between pressing firmly, yet not over pressing.


This one is essential. These gadgets are ordinarily called “dry herb vaporizers” for a reason. You will get considerably more vapor if your herbs are totally dried before you start vaping.

When all is said in done, you need to purchase dry herbs that are appropriately cured and dried in the first place for different reasons. Be that as it may, if your herbs are not effectively dried, you can do as such by following the means below. While there are different strategies and alternate routes you can take, the additional time you take to appropriately dry your herbs, the more the herbs will hold their smoothness, flavor and smell, and power.


In case you’re utilizing a vape pen starter kit (one of the numerous vaporizer pens available that have uncovered warming loops inside the chamber), you totally should utilize something to avoid coordinating contact between the warming coil and your herbs. Utilizing glass screen channels are the most mainstream technique to do the trap. Glass won’t adjust the kind of your vapor and, in particular, does not lead power—so the glass screen won’t risk shorting out the battery (something network channels have been known to do).


Discussing breathing in, you need to make a point to breathe in gradually. Backpedaling to Tip 3, if your gadget’s mouthpiece is specifically over the dry herbs, at that point breathing in too strongly will suck the herbs up to the air flow, keeping you from getting the most vapor from each hit. More details here:

However, besides the air flow, breathing in gradually additionally keeps the warming chamber and dry herbs at the coveted temperature. In the event that you breathe in too quickly and too habitually, you may chill the chamber, reducing how much vapor you get from each hit.